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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Computer Tip to Never Lose Your Passwords #InHomeComputerSupportHonolulu

Computer Tip to Never Lose Your Passwords #InHomeComputerSupportHonolulu

written by in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist Rick Kirkham  
As an in home computer tutor and virus and spyware removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, 25% of the calls is people who forget their passwords. I've had to hack into Windows and Apple/Mac computers because people have forgotten their login passwords, which takes me 15 minutes or less by the way. 
Most of my in home computer clients write their passwords down in a notebook. This often gets too convoluted or even lost. I remember one computer business client who had his/her passwords so messed up I spent two hours straightening that out and didn't have time to give him/her his/her computer business lessons to learn how to make money online.      
Some people are a little more techie and keep their passwords in a file in their computer. A slightly better idea since you can use the search feature built into the computer to find the file with your passwords. There are, however, problems with this method of saving passwords. As an in home computer repair expert, I can tell you it's not IF your computer will crash, it's WHEN your computer will crash. Most people don't have their computer files and photos backed up. I can visualize even now the pleading look in the eyes of my computer clients who want me to recover photos of their grandchildren and important work files for their businesses. I can usually save the photos and files, but it would be easier with a proper back up. 
Some computer users depend on their internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Edge or Google Chrome to remember their passwords. Of the three internet browsers I just mentioned Chrome does the best job of this since you can sync your settings by using your Google, which is also your Gmail, account. This takes care of the problem with the computer crashing. You still need to know your Gmail address and password, but you can reestablish the other passwords by installing Chrome on the new computer and logging in to your Google account. I just recently did this for an in home computer client in Ewa Beach after she utilized a unique service I offer in which I shop for the computer myself, bring it to my client and set it up. 

I still don't like depending on one place to store passwords though. So here's your computer tip to never lose your passwords. 

You need two online email addresses from two different companies. A Gmail and Yahoo account for example. 

Copy all your passwords in an email including the passwords for the email accounts. 

Make a subject line that's easily searchable. 

Send the email to both email addresses. 

Make a special folder in each email account for emails you wish to keep. 

Move your email to your special folder in both of your email accounts. 

DO NOT give your email account passwords to anyone. 

DO NOT reply to any "official looking" scam emails stating your account will be closed if you don't reply with your information. 
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