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Monday, May 2, 2016

I've Discovered an Even GREATER Need for The Christian Business Network Forum

I've Discovered an Even GREATER Need for The Christian Business Network Forum

I wanted to share my computer knowledge while promoting my faith based in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutoring and Windows PC and Apple/Mac computer virus removal business here in Honolulu Hawaii.  So my thought, share with my fellow Christians on Christian social sites with a promotion at the end of a computer help article for my business at the bottom or a title and description with a link to the computer help article on The Christian Business Network Forum.  Believe it or not, one Christian social network site after another banned me! I thought fellow Christians supported each other in ALL parts of their lives not just spiritual. Now, granted I've only been a Christian since 2010 so perhaps I'm missing something. 

Now I See What I Must Do for My Fellow Christian Business Brothers and Sisters 

My Christian business associates must be having the same struggles as I am to find a business friendly social media site to post their articles, press releases and advertisements. When I was told at three AM that one evening to create this website, I didn't know why. I just did what I was told to do.  Now I see why. My heart is to help people break the chains of financial struggles and hardships. God wants the best for us and I am moved to help that happen.  

Will I Be Banned Again? 

I don't know, my Christian brothers and sisters. Unless you're reading this on The Christian Business Network Forum, It depends on the heart of the person who moderates the posts on whatever website you're reading this article. In the meantime, here are 
Benefits and Directions for Posting Your PERMANENT Buy Sell Trade Ads Press Releases or Articles to The Christian Business Network Forum    


Only $2.00 Per Active Posting Month 

Something else I was told to do that evening at three in the morning. If you've ever experienced all those images running through your head from The Spirit you know you can't get back to sleep. It works. The Christian Business Network Forum is spam free! This is a Christian network, so if you cannot afford $2.00 per active posting month email me at godsbusinessway @ gmail.com I'm sure I can help you. Amazing the number of people who believe Christian = free. "A man is worth his labors". Remember that verse?  

Why Not Just Create a Facebook Group 

Great idea, but don't expect it to last. I've personally lost two Facebook accounts. The most recent account lost because I wasn't dumb enough to agree to upload my driver's license to verify my ID. I know some people will upload their state IDs which is why I'm taking every opportunity to tell end computer users NEVER upload your ID to ANY website. My prediction is Facebook will become ID theft central since there are those who probably think they cannot live without a website called Facebook and will upload their state identifications.  
With the lack of stability in mind for any social media, social media post should be used to direct people to your permanent articles, ads, press releases and announcements. On a whim or due to pressure from atheists, your account or group could be closed. 

I Built and Designed This Website for Building Your Business  

Social media buttons are found on the left and bottom of your articles, ads and press releases. People may register, login and be notified of updates to your posts. Since your posted ads, articles and press releases are permanent, any back links leading to your main website will increase your search engine ranking, increase your traffic and make you more money from your online advertising and marketing. 

Do Your Devotions 

I have a board where you may share your devotions to God with the world and perhaps send someone on the path to God. You may use the same social media buttons you use to promote your advertisements, articles and press releases to share your devotions. 

My Apologies to My God 

I didn't see the purpose of this website You told me to build right away. I'm sorry Lord for not working as hard on it as I should have. Please give me the resources to help my fellow Christian business people with the website You told me to make.

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