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Monday, January 27, 2014

You Need a Backup Computer Here’s Why….

You Need a Backup Computer Here’s Why…. by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

As a full time self-employed in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii and one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu, I’m constantly seeing computer crashes from perfectly good computers.

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Yes, this includes both P.C.s (personal computers Windows based operating system) and Apple/Macintosh computers. This makes a low-cost backup computer with your files and even precious photographs properly synced between your main computer and your backup computer IMPERATIVE to cut down on down time (i.e. waiting for someone like me with an opening in his/her schedule).

What is Syncing Between Computers

Syncing between computers simply means making sure your data, this means your work files and photos, are updated on each computer. If you have expensive software, such as Microsoft Word, you could download a free office suite such as Openoffice,  which will import and export Microsoft documents, for your backup computer.

Like Operating Systems are Best

In other worlds backing up a Windows based computer to another Windows based computer or Apple to Apple is best. Do yourself a favor though and DO NOT downgrade your operating system. Windows XP for example will no longer be supported by Microsoft April 8th 2014. Yes, hackers are aware of this (here’s a solution   http://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php/topic,3.msg4106.html#msg4106). The most recent operating system for your computer usually contains the best security. Furthermore, despite rumors of a huge learning curve for Windows 8, it is the most secure and versatile operating system Microsoft has created. If Windows 8 users simply click the tile which states Desktop, usually found in the lower left hand corner of the tile screen, they will find themselves in experienced user friendly territory. I do have access to software to convert a Windows 8 style to whatever style you like and yet maintain the security Window 8 provides its users.

P.C. to P.C. is The Most Cost Effective

No, Macs get viruses now too and if you ever had to get an  Apple computer repaired you’d discover what I’ve been trying to tell people WITHOUT the benefit of Apple’s multi-million dollar marketing budget. Apple is a hardware company. They make their money selling hardware and repairing hardware. Why do you think none of the Apple devices come with memory card ports to expand your Apple device’s memory?

I usually buy computers with the latest Windows operating system (presently Windows 8.1) for between $225.00 and $350.00.  I’m writing this computer help article on a Windows 7 netbook computer at the UFC gym in my Google Drive account so I can access it from any computer INCLUDING a Mac by logging into my free Google account.  For syncing purposes this is why I like Google Drive’s free online office suite. It is not dependant on the operating system you are running and can be exported and downloaded in several different formats.

Syncing Mac to P.C.

It might take a little extra work, but if you export your work on your apple computer and drag it to one of the cloud backup programs I mentioned in a previous article   http://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php/topic,4702.0.html   . Being a very frugal in home computer consultant http://InHomeComputerHelp.com I look for the lowest cost, effective solutions for my in home and onsite computer clients here in Honolulu Hawaii and remotely for the world. I’d rather see my computer clients spend between $250.00 and $375.00 on a backup computer as opposed to $600.00 WITHOUT the benefit of third party low cost repairs.

How to Sync Your Main Computer and Your Backup Computer

I’ve found many things to be true as a self-employed in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here on Oahu. The biggest one is the less a computer client has to do to get something done, the more likely it will be done (please don’t run a grammar check :) ).

So keep it simple. If you want to do all your work in the cloud and backup your work by downloading it to your computer (See Rick’s Rule of Important Files) or if you want to copy your files to the cloud icon on your P.C. or Mac to keep files and photos backed up you may do it that way. By using the cloud, your files will almost immediately sync between your main computer and your backup computer once you log onto the internet with your backup computer.

I have full details on different ways to backup and sync your computer in my article Your Computer Will Crash Whether or Not You Can Get Your Files and Photographs Back Will Depend on whether or Not You Follow These Steps….   http://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php/topic,4702.0.html   

About The Author

J. Richard Kirkham is an in home computer tutor in Honolulu Hawaii and one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu. He is the creator of the File Recovery Flash Drive   http://inhomecomputerhelp.com/filerecovery/  for P.C. owners and employees who have lost their passwords or must recover files from a crashed computer.

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