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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your Computer Will Crash Did You Follow These Steps First...?

Your Computer Will Crash Whether or Not You Can Get Your Files and Photographs Back Will Depend on whether or Not You Follow These Steps….

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I don’t care if you have a P.C. Mac/Apple, smart cell phone or tablet IT WILL CRASH!. Just a little preparation and I will not get the sorrowful, pleading look I get from some of my in home computer tutoring and virus removal clients here in Honolulu Hawaii http://InHomeComputerHelp.com who are praying that I can recover important work files and pictures of children and grandchildren not found anywhere but on the computer, tablet or cell phone in disrepair.

Rick’s Rule of Important Files

ALWAYS have important files, whether paper, digital, work related or photographs in at least TWO different places. 

That stated DO NOT keep the backup system connected to the computer all the time. If there happens to be an electric surge that wipes out your computer, it could also wipeout anything connected to it including your backup! That is why I took the timer off a free backup program I wrotehttp://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php/topic,2042.msg2094.html . I do not wish to motivate my computer clients whether in Honolulu Hawaii or remotely around the world to keep their backup in their computers.

Simple Ways to backup Your Important Work Files and Photos on Your Computer Tablet and Smart Cell Phone

Flash drives are a pretty cheap and efficient way to backup any computer or tablet that has a port for a flash drive (also referred to as a thumb-drive). Drag and dropping is the simplest way to make sure all your files are backed up, though it can become tedious if you have a lot of files or photos (same thing as far as computers, tablets and smart cell phones are concerned). There are now some flash drives can come with backup software built into them to make the job a bit easier.

What is This Cloud I keep Hearing About?

Cloud technology is simply a way of being able to work and even store your files online with a secure service. Some of these cloud services even offer free online software which competes quite well with paid software and the ability to share your work with clients and business associates.

Automatic Cloud Backups

Mozy http://mozy.ie/product/mozy/personal#frame_Free?ref=1b386b56 is one of these companies which offer an automatic sync of your computer files. You’ll find apps for Mozy for your tablets and cell phones to share and store your files and photographs.

iCloud has improved and can now be accessed at http://icloud.com with your Apple ID. Last time I check it synced your contacts and photos with your other devices. You cannot view your photos in the iCloud, but they will sync between your apple devices. Find my iPhone is now available on the iCloud website and will help you find both your iPhone and iPad if lost. It will also do an emergency reset if your Apple devices are stolen. Two nice features in my professional opinion.

Cloud Storage

Dropbox https://db.tt/px1bqlyQ is probably the most well known for online storage. naturally there are now apps for this for your tablets and cell phones. They start by giving you 2.5 gig of storage which can hold quite a few pictures AND offer automatic upload of photos from your tablet or smart cell phone. 

Google Drive http://youtu.be/LwVrcKiW56g only requires a free google account. They offer a total of 15 gig of storage which also includes emails. A recent upgrade to this gave the ability to store your photos automatically in the Google Drive cloud. These photos are not shared although they can be setup to share them easily with Google+  http://Plus.Google.com Google competitve answer to Facebook. 

One thing I truly like about Google Drive, formally referred to as Google Docs, is the free office suite you get with your Google Drivehttp://Drive.Google.com . This office suite can even import and export files as Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Making a very user friendly way of saving yourself a couple hundred dollars for Microsoft Office software in case you don’t use it very often yet still get those doc files as attachments in your emails. In a Gmail account you may now store directly into your Google Drive without having to download to your computer first!

Files can be created, uploaded and shared with various degrees of edit, view and comment rights. Make Google Drive perfect for satellite offices. Now business partners can work on the same file instead of attaching the file back and forth in email and possibly confusing an old file with a new file.  They can easily be dragged to a special folder on your desktop PC or Apple computer in order for them to be stored in the cloud. 

Now, when you drag from one folder to another on the same media, whether that’s a hard drive, flash drive or memory card from a camera, you move the files. That means they are no longer in their original location. According to Rick’s Rule of Important Files, you should have your files in two different places. So instead of dragging the files to your Google Drive folder, normally found on your desktop after installation, copy your files to the Google drive folder.

Yunio http://Younio.com is a Chinese based online storage and offers up to 1 TB free as I understand it.  A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. 

Skydrive is Microsoft based cloud storage http://Skydrive.com This is great cloud storage for people who love Microsoft Office. There are free online apps that are so good you may not even need to purchase Microsoft Office if  you only need it for basic use. The ability to not only create and upload files is matched by the ability to share files with coworkers and business associates.

Similar to Google Drive, Skydrive offers a download to place a folder on your desktop for easy transfer of files. If you wish to open a Word doc in the Skydrive folder on your desktop, right mouse click on the Microsoft Office document and select open with Skydrive. You’ll need a free Microsoft account to do this which will also give you a free Outlook.com email account. Ber sure to follow Rick’s Rule of Important Files as explained in the Google Drive section.

Smart Cell Phones and Tablets Syncing Data

I train business people how to use their smart cell phones and tablets more efficientlyhttp://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php/topic,3.msg1777.html#msg1777 . I personally utilize Google Drive on my tablet and cell phone. I scan in important papers and upload photos automatically to my Google Drive. This not only satisfies Rick’s Rule of Important Files, it creates an environment in which a business person should NEVER have to say he/she left a file at the office. THE SMART CELL PHONE IS THE OFFICE! Print capabilities are now possible with cell phones and tablets. You can even get on your clients computer and print out the paper you forgot from your cloud based backup. 


So as you can see, with a little, simple preparation. The frustration and concern that I see on my in home computer tutoring and virus removal clients’ faces here in Honolulu Hawaii http://InHomeComputerHelp.com  and the excited calls and emails I get from my remote computer clientshttp://www.computerhelp808.com/RemoteComputerSpywareNMaintenanceChecks.html can be brought to a minimum. Eventually the backup process will not be any different than locking your door at night - just in case. 

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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