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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don’t Buy Antivirus Software for Your Windows 8 Computer by Rick Kirkham

Don’t Buy Antivirus Software for Your Windows 8 Computer by Rick Kirkham

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As an in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii http://InHomeComputerHelp.com  , I’m often called to setup new computers for Oahu residents and businesses. Many of these big box electronic stores make more money by selling you a security or antivirus software package with your new computer whether it needs antivirus software or not!

Why Is This a Big Secret?

When the distributors discovered Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system was going to be released with good, built in antivirus software, they got upset. You see, the distributors make a lot of money getting companies such as Mcafee and Norton to buy contracts to have their antivirus software preinstalled. One big box electronic store makes a habit of selling  Kapersky http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-7176345-11193138 to all new computer users. Most computer users haven’t got a clue what comes with Windows 8, they rely on the honesty of the electronic store selling the computer users the antivirus software package.

NEVER ONCE have I heard anyone say,

“Now Windows 8 already comes with built in antivirus software, but you can buy this if you like.”

NO! All I ever hear them do is try to sell the antivirus package as though it was a must for protection of your Windows 8 computer!

To Activate Windows Defender in Windows 8

Uninstall the trial version for whatever antivirus software the distributor had contracted.

Restart the computer

Check the Action Center to make sure Windows Defender Activated.

That’s it!

I could go into a few more tricks and tips of course, but the main concept here is STOP PAYING FOR SOMETHING YOU DON’T NEED!!

About The Author

J. Richard Kirkham is an in home computer tutor http://InHomeComputerHelp.com here in Honolulu Hawaii and one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu. He is the author of The Ultimate Virus Removal Toolkit and Instructions http://inhomecomputerhelp.com/ComputerVirusRemovalInstructions.html

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