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Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Setup a Standard P.C. Computer User Account to Increase Your Security

How to Setup a Standard P.C. Computer User Account to Increase Your Security

How to Setup a Standard P.C. Computer User Account to Increase Your Internet to Computer Security by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc

What is a Standard P.C. Computer User Account?A standard user account for personal computers is an account which does not give you administration rights and therefore does not automatically allow the installation of software. This adds another layer of security to your computer and helps to prevent computer viruses and computer spyware from invading your personal computer.How Do I Create a  Standard P.C. Computer User Account?


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In Windows 7 or below

Click the Windows icon or start in the lower left hand corner of your screen

Click Control Panel to the right of the rising start menu

Click User Accounts

Click the link that says "Manage another account". 

Click the link that says Create a new account.

The window should now have a header that says Name the account and choose an account type. Type the name of the new account in the space provided. For my computer tutoring clients and computer virus removal clients here in Honolulu Hawaii I usually name it Surf. Thereby reminding them this is the account to use to surf the internet

In the textbox where you just typed your name, click the radio box that states Standard or in the case of Windows XP Limited

Click the Create Account button.

I normally do not password protect the Standard user account AND I make sure the Administration account IS password protected. This increases security and makes it easier for my computer client to use the Standard user account as opposed to the Admin account. Using this Standard account also came in handy when the FBI/MoneyPak computer virus locks my computer clients out of their admin account. The computer virus should still be removed since the spyware could still be recording keystrokes and sending your usernames and passwords to the hackers.In Windows 8

If you’re in the Tiles page just start typing. Don’t worry you don’t have to be in a textbox to type. This is another neat feature of the Windows 8 computers. If you’re in the Desktop window, where most of my experienced computer clients spend their time, 

Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, located at the bottom left hand side of your keyboard 

Tap the f key on your keyboard

Release the Windows key on your keyboard (this is how I teach my lessons and do my video lessons I assume nothinghttp://InHomeComputerHelp.com   :) )

Type into the search textbox

Add user (capitalization doesn't matter)Click settings on the right

Now click on the option labeled 

Give other users access to this computer

which will open the User Settings screen.

Users should already be selected on the left

You click Add a user on the right hand side of the screen

Microsoft wants you to setup a Microsoft account by default. My personal experience with Microsoft accounts is that they are a pain in the okole (Hawaiian for you know what) You have to be online even to log into your computer’s user account to get to items that may not even be online. I highly recommend you click Sign in without a Microsoft account for the average person and end computer user.

Your account should now be create and you may click Finish

You’re also given the option to click child account before clicking finish so you may turn on Family safety. I used this with my own son on Windows 7. You can keep your child out of various sites and even, as I recall, shut down the computer on a timer.A Final Trick

When I setup a standard user account for my computer clients here in Honolulu Hawaii, I setup a second administration account and give strict  instructions to stay out of the Admin account unless they are installing a lot of software. After setting up the second  administration account, I then take my computer clients account and change it to a standard user account! This  way my computer client doesn’t have to install everything again and re-customize his/her desktop.

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