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Monday, June 25, 2018

Two New Computer Viruses Windows and Apple #InHomeComputerHelpOahu

Two New Computer Viruses Windows and Apple #InHomeComputerHelpOahu

There’s a new virus that takes over your search engine. I’ve removed it from both Apple and Windows computers. From a Windows computer I removed Windows search which had installed itself on an in home computer client’s Windows Desktop.

If you’ve noticed any changes in your computer,

Home page
Search engine
Desktop theme
Slowing down of your computer
Or even more buffering of videos

It’s important to call or text me right away so I can stop a potential problem before it becomes a major problem.

Also, if I haven’t cleaned your computer in four to six months, call me right away. I’ve noted regular cleanings keep computers running fast. I can also stop problems before you even notice them. The common phrase I hear is “every seems ok”. That’s the idea of a computer virus or spyware. To be unseen. I remain one of the best on Oahu for this thanks to my God given and experienced based skills.

So if any the conditions above exist call or text me 224.1870

You can get free computer, tablet and cell phone tips by texting 40404 Follow ComputerHelpHi


James Richard Kirkham

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