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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Google Doc Marketing How to Use Google Docs to Market by Custom5DollarWe...

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This Automated Website Design

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$ Creates stickiness (visitors return to your website) through automated on topic content

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$ Creates an index of on topic content with money making offers

$ Comes with a search engine keyworded domain name (website address) to help you get higher in the search engines for the search terms people use to find your website

$ Raises your website higher and higher in the search engines automatically

$ Generates it's own feed to allow for easy setup of automatic submission to social media

$ Has social media buttons along the side to share both your main sales page and generated on topic content

$ Guarantees that visitors will use your affiliate, mlm, network marketing or direct sales link to make sure you get paid

$ Gives the website presence a small local business needs to compete

$ Fills SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gaps for large businesses

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What If I Don't Get My Own Website?


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You will not stand out.

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