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Monday, March 7, 2016

Review of Computers Designed for Senior Citizens written by Rick Kirkham

Review of Computers Designed for Senior Citizens written by Rick Kirkham

As an in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii I teach A LOT of senior citizens how to use both Windows computers and Apple/Mac computers. The one computer I'm always disappointed to see in my computer client's home is a computer built specifically for senior citizens

What's Good About The Computer Built for Senior Citizens 

It's Linux based so it's virus free           

It's menu driven click with the mouse or touch the screen so it's easy to use out of the box 

What's Wrong with The Computer Built for Senior Citizens 

It will cost you about two to three times the amount of a basic Windows computer    

It's very restrictive 

Some printers are not compatible 

You cannot install additional software. You must use software comes with the computer 

The menu is not very customizable 

Personal Experience 

I've run across this computer designed for senior citizens two or three times now. The menu system the computer comes with isn't any easier to use than a Windows computer. In one experience I had my in home computer tutoring client had bought the senior citizen computer and wanted business software installed in it. He had paid $800.00 for the computer. I recommended he return it and use about $250 to $350 of that money to buy a Windows PC which is what about 90% of the population uses. Fortunately he had a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop and I was able to install his software and get him started with his lessons on that computer. 


IF this senior computer had steps to it where it segwayed into a commonly used computer I would have no objections or if it could eventually be brought step by step into the full Linux operating system giving the computer user more and more flexible functionality as needs increased, I wouldn't be so objectionable to it's use. 

The senior computer is nothing like any of the more popular operating systems such as Windows or Apple. Therefore learning how to use a senior computer will have very little to do with learning how to use any other type of computer. 

Every computer user believes they only want to surf the internet and get email when they first get a computer. Unfortunately even as your needs grow, your senior citizen computer will not. The experiences I've had with this computer designed for senior citizens forces me to not recommend it's use or purchase. I'll be happy to publish any rebuttals to my review.   

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