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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review of Windows 10 Download by Rick Kirkham In Home Computer Tutor

Review of Windows 10 Download by Rick Kirkham In Home Computer Tutor

Review of Windows 10 Download by Rick Kirkham In Home Computer Tutor

I tried Windows 10 out on my Windows 8.1 laptop with four gig of RAM. These were my issues:

Intermittent wifi connection

Slow response time of the computer itself

Edge Microsoft's replacement of Internet Explorer didn't support RSS news feeds

Bloated services I don't believe most of my in home and office computer clients would use yet took up resources since they loaded on startup WITHOUT being listed in startup. Not only would most of my computer clients not use these auto-loaded services, some may find them intrusive. I found them under privacy and disabled almost all of them.

Cortana did a lot less than I thought it would and I still had to use Window's Speech Command to get myself and my carpal tunnel around the computer with voice commands.

What if Windows 10 Comes with My New Computer?

If you are not already on this computer tips article please click the link above

Some computers are now coming with Windows 10. If the computer is purchased with Windows 10 already on it keep it. For security and later upgrades I always recommend the most up to date operating system. Hopefully since it was manufactured for that operating system it will work better than my computer did with the Windows 10 download.

But I Don't Recommend Upgrading to Windows 10

After using every trick I knew as well as the troubleshooting techniques I researched and doing the updates that came after the download, I finally took the option Microsoft was smart enough to include and downgraded back to Windows 8.1 and folks the difference in speed of my computer and stability in my wifi network was like night and day. When I got the chance to comment, I told Microsoft in the survey,

"You’ve just created Vista 2.0"

About Rick Kirkham

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