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Friday, August 4, 2017

How I sped Up a Windows Vista Computer #InHomeComputerRepairHonolulu

How I sped Up a Windows Vista Computer #FreeComputerTips by in home computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, mobile virus removal and repair specialist, dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. Call or  Text 808.224.1870  Text only for the rest of the U.S. for English speaking remote computer support for help with Windows PCs, Surface tablets or Apple/Mac computers. Do It Yourselfers download Mr. Kirkham's Ebook

Just made a house call for an in home computer repair client here in Honolulu. I’d met her at farmers market and had given her my card a few weeks ago. She told me she had a Vista Windows computer. Though it got the job done it was very slow. She also had no working antivirus software on it so security was also an issue.

My In Home Computer Repair Client’s Needs

She used Microsoft Office including Powerpoint. She also did basic surfing of the internet and checked email online. Her preferred internet browser was Google Chrome.

My Solution for an Old Slow Computer

A computer operating system which looks like a combination of Apple and Windows. It has:

A built in office suite in which Microsoft Office files may be imported and exports just by double clicking on the file.

Firefox built into it as an internet browser

A software store built into it so you don’t have to look for application which may not be already included

Chromium in the software store which is the open-source version of Google Chrome

No need for antivirus software. It’s not in the radar of hackers.

A small footprint. This means the computer operating system itself uses very few resourced. This means there are more resources left to do what YOU want to do on the computer and internet. More resources available means MORE SPEED!

A way to try the computer operating system before installing it

A way to keep your old computer operating system and use the faster, virus free operating system along with it. It’s called a dual boot.

Okay Rick, What’s The Name of This Slow Old Computer Solution


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