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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers #SpreadsheetsForTeachers #UsefulTeacherTools

Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers #SpreadsheetsForTeachers #UsefulTeacherTools

Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers by custom spreadsheet designer and dual certified teacher Rick Kirkham #SpreadsheetsForTeachers   #UsefulTeacherTools  
As most of you know I write and customize software and spreadsheets for individuals and businesses. I've been doing looonnnnnggggggg term substitute teaching here in Honolulu Hawaii for 7th grade math. We have to do a pretest and crunch a bunch of numbers. So I utilized my God given skills with spreadsheets and wrote a Google Sheet to crunch ALL the possible data we may need from a test. 
What The Spreadsheet Does for Teachers 
The Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers will 
Show whether each test score is 90%, 80%,70%,60% and below 60% 
Total the number of students who took the test 
Total the number of scores in each percentile 
Give the percentage of students in each percentile 
What Does The Teacher Do to The Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers? 
Type in the possible score in just one cell C3 
Put the scores in of each test in column D starting with D3 
That's all YOU have to do. The spreadsheet will do the rest 
What Software Do I Need for The Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers? 
I started out with a Google Sheet. All you need to use a Google spreadsheet is a free Gmail account which is also a Google account. I then saved the spreadsheets as Excel and OpenOffice. The CD can be ordered here for only 8.95 or can be downloaded for free here. OpenOffice will also work with LibreOffice in case you're using Ubuntu which is a free fast virus free operating system more stable than Windows. 
How Do I Download The Test Data Spreadsheet for Teachers? 

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