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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How I Diagnosed a Bad Wifi Router written by Rick Kirkham #InHomeComputerHelp

How I Diagnosed a Bad Wifi Router written by Rick Kirkham #InHomeComputerHelp

#InHomeComputerHelpHonoluluInternet    One of my in home computer clients in Honolulu Hawaii wasn't able to log onto the internet in her bedroom. HerSamsung smart curved tv in the living room was working and Netflix was accessible therefore the internet leading to her home was working.  

So what was the difference between the internet in the bedroom compared to the internet in the living room?  

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I went into the bedroom and clicked the wifi bar in the lower right hand corner of her Windows computer. Her walls are made of cinder blocks which doesn't allow for good wifi reception from her living room wifi router to her bed so I got her a Dlink Wifi Range Extender. I love these things and use one myself. It looks just like a power adapter and plugs into the wall. Make sure you plug it in near the door so it doesn't have to try to pick up a signal through a concrete wall. The Dlink Wifi Extender is easily setup in your computer with no extra software needed. 

When I Clicked The Wifi Bar in The Bedroom 

I saw the Dlink extender, it always has an ending mainwifiname_ext, but I didn't see the main wifi from the living room! So I went back into the living room where the wifi router is and examined the wifi router, the modem (where the internet connection enters the home) and the smart tv.  

What I Saw in The Living Room 

Since the internet was working on the smart tv, I traced the Ethernet cable, which is the cable used for wired internet access. The cable lead directly into the modem! I unhooked the ethernet cable from the modem and plugged it into the wifi router. I then turned off the smart tv since they're not smart enough to find a new internet signal when they're still on. I turned the smart tv back on, attempted to get to Netflix. No connection! I turned the smart tv off and connected the ethernet cable from the smart tv directly to the modem, bypassing a potentially bad wifi router. Netflix worked! 
I told my in home computer client what I found and how I found it and told her I'd replace her wifi router. I like Linksys wifi routers and Dlink wifi routers. I'm beginning to lean toward Dlink more since they seem to last longer than Lynksys wifi routers.  

Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu 

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